About Us

The Windsor State School P&C works to enrich the quality of education for students and to support our school’s growth and development. We are involved in many different activities including the provision of tuckshop and uniform shop services. 

Together, with enthusiastic parents, we value-add to the resources, opportunities and facilities already provided through the school and the Department of Education.

Our work is governed by the P&C Association Constitution for Windsor State School. 

Everything we do is focused on fostering a commitment to achieving the best educational outcomes for the students at Windsor State School.

There are lots of ways to get involved in pursuit of this objective and in the life of Windsor State School - joining the P&C is the perfect place to start. Interested parents and citizens are invited to download a
membership application form and come along to the next meeting. Reap the benefits of friendships, connections to your local community and the buzz that comes from volunteering your talents, time and skills.

Our committee

The key executive positions on the Windsor State School P&C committee are:

  • President
Craig Thompson
  • Vice President
Tracy Mills
  • Coordinator P-2
Kate Bruce
  • Coordinator 3-6
Marissa Allan
  • Secretary
Jen Allen
  • Treasurer
Kirsten Annesley




The P&C consists of an executive committee, and a number of sub-committees and working groups which concentrate on specific aspects of the P&C's operations. These sub-committees manage the majority of issues/opportunities relevant to their area and report to the monthly P&C meeting on their actions/outcomes for the month. In this manner, key items for escalation can be passed to the P&C for resolution and information can be shared. Details of the P&C structure including the sub-committees and their members are available in this diagram


The P&C welcomes all new parents and citizens to the school and generally holds meetings at 7:30pm on the third Monday of each month during school terms - check our calendar for upcoming meeting dates. New parents and citizens can attend any meeting. Please download our membership application form and bring it along to the meeting.  Meetings are usually held in the library or the school hall.

The 2018 Annual General Meeting is to be held on 19 February 2018 where all executive positions are made available for new nominations. We are always looking for new people who are interested in getting more involved in their school.

Detailed information about meetings is made available at least one week prior via Schoolzine.

We encourage you to become involved in the school, whether it’s through the P&C, being a parent representative or generally helping out at school events