Uniform Shop

2018 Hours

Prior to the commencement of school on the 22 January, the uniform shop will be open as follows:

15 January 2018              9:30am to 11:00am

17 January 2018              9:30am to 11:00am

19 January 2018              8:00am to 9:00am

Then every Monday and Wednesday between 8:30am and 9:30am during term.


Shopping with us

Ordering uniforms and accessories is now available online!

The Uniform Shop has partnered with Munch Monitor, who provides online ordering services for school tuckshops and uniform shops in schools across Australia. Download the information sheet for more information and how to use this service. If you don't wish to try the online system, you may continue to use the traditional way of ordering as outlined below.

The shop stocks a range of new and second hand items in various sizes. If an item is not available it can be ordered and delivered to your child. Orders can be placed online, at the shop, through the office, or at after school care by providing full details including name, class, item, size and exact money (in a sealed envelope - cash or cheque only). When available the order will be delivered to the child in class or after school care, or will be available at the office.

Payment can be made by cash, credit card or eftpos (in shop only), and cheques can be made out to Windsor State School P&C. The shop is open on Monday and Wednesday mornings 8:30am to 9:30am during school term.

Some accessories such as school backpacks, iron-on badges, hats, chair bags, pencil cases etc. are also available through the shop. You can download Uniform Shop Order Form to view a full range of products and prices and to place an order.

Our school uniform

The school uniform is made up of the following pieces:

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

Sports Uniform 

Check shirt Check dress Polo shirt 
Royal shorts  Check shirt Royal shorts or culottes 
Slouch hat Royal shorts or culottes Swimming cap
White socks Slouch hat Sun shirt (must be worn for swimming)
Black shoes White socks  
  Black shoes  

Uniform policy

The Windsor State School Parents & Citizens Association supports a student dress code policy for the school because it promotes the objectives of the Education (General Provisions) Act 1989, and in particular that it:

  • promotes a safe environment for learning by enabling ready identification of students and non-students of the school,
  • promotes an effective teaching and learning environment by eliminating the distraction of competition in dress and fashion at the school,
  • promotes a supportive environment at the school by fostering a sense of belonging, and
  • fosters mutual respect among individuals at the school by minimising visible evidence of economic, class or social differences and promotes a supportive environment at the school by fostering a sense of belonging.

Uniform expectations

  • All students are expected to wear the school uniform daily.
  • Students must wear the school's formal uniform when leaving the school on excursion
  • School hats must be worn at all times outside of classroom.
  • Sun shirts and swimming caps must be worn for all swimming lessons and activities.
  • If a child cannot wear proper school uniform for the day or for a particular activity parents are requested to inform the school in writing or via email.